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5 Reasons to Have an Aquarium in Your Office


Aquariums Will Improve Your Office

Aquariums improve the overall look of any office. Filled with species of fish that are colourful together with the landscape they tend to light up any office space. We have so many experiences where a dull office instantly improved it appearance directly after the Aquarium setup.

Aquariums Can Relax Your Visiting Customers

It’s important to bear in mind the full potential effect of this mood improvement. Aquariums are known to relax customers as much as they can your employees. A relaxed, non-stressed employee is likely to perform at much higher levels and stay committed to your business for much longer periods of time. We have also noticed that a relaxed client is also more inclined to work with your business as well which aids business stability.

Aquariums Will Improve Employee Mood

Its a fact, aquariums will actually improve the mood of your employees! The swimming motion of the fish and the movement of the plants is truly an amazing experience.

This isn’t just supposition, either.

Dr. Mathew White of Exeter’s European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) provides the details. In brief, his study discovered that even the presence of an empty tank would relax individuals. Further, mood improvement increased as fish were added. The more fish, the better. Wonderful!

Aquariums Deliver Powerful Health Benefits

It’s more than just mood improvement and relaxation.

A study appearing in the journal “Environment and Behavior” suggests natural environments may improve well-being.

That’s right. The experiment found “significant” reductions in both blood pressure and heart rate when exposed to such environments. Moreover, this was the first known controlled experiment in the field. Consequently, we may only be scratching the surface of the health benefit aquariums and the like offer.

Aquariums lower employee heart rates

Did you know lowered blood pressure and heart rate can naturally lead to greater productivity for your staff so essentially if you invest in an aquarium, you’re also investing in your bottom line, your retention staff rates and your overall well-being in the office.

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