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Our AA Aquarium Series

Delivered and set-up free by our technician
Supplied with beautiful fish and fresh plants
Maintained by our expert technicians
24-hour support with our free phone service

Discover how you can have one for 30-Days for Free

About The Stunning Office Aquarium

Our Aquariums are manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standard and are our most popular and versatile range. They are hexagonal in shape and have all the components contained within the cabinet below.

The Aquariums come in three sizes and are approximately six foot tall. They occupy up to one chair space and come in 100 litres, 150 litres and 200 litres, the size that you should select is typically determined by the size of the room they are going into. The team here will walk you through what Aquarium will suit your business.

All Aquariums include an Eheim classic filter, full lighting system and digital light timer, as well as Goldfish, gravel, and live plants.

About Your Free Trial Of The Aquarium

All of our Aquariums are delivered for free, fully set up, stocked with beautiful fish & live plants and yes, maintenance and support are also included.

In general, all Aquariums are installed within 7 days of agreeing to proceed with the Trial. A typical installation of the tank takes place first and then we return within 3 days to place the beautiful fish into your tank. Once the fish are in place the 30 day period then commences.

We are so sincere with our mission “to help your businesses succeed” and truly believe that once you see for yourselves and experience the Aquarium benefits in your very own office you will want to keep it!

And, just in case you don’t want to keep the Aquarium, no problem, we will come back and take it away, no hard feelings or questions asked.

During Your Aquarium Free Trial Period

Our technicians are on-call to tend to the Aquarium and the team at head office are here to support and answer any questions you may have

If you are new to having an Aquarium in your office you may have questions about the welfare of the tank and your fish and we can help with anything that you may be concerned about, all you need to do is call us.

During the trial period, our sales team will also reach out to check how you are going as well. Our intention is to provide you an amazing experience with the Aquarium.

It is important for you to get to know and to experience the Aquarium to its fullest during the trial period. Our team is here for you to ensure that this happens.

Watch Now – Check Out The Beautiful Goldfish

Our Aquariums are fully stocked with 8 to 12 beautiful goldfish. The number of fish you have is dependent on the size of the fish and tank you have rented.

Your goldfish are not your average Pet Shop variety in size and tend to be between 8-10 cm in length. Goldfish are extremely engaging and you might find that you will start to name and talk to them each day when you walk by. We find every goldfish has its own character and will start to engage with you.

Goldfish are graceful and hypnotic and our customers just love the way they dance and come up to the tank when you visit them.

Along with the goldfish, you also receive a bristle nose catfish whose job is to suck up and help keep the Algae levels at bay. These are grey and generally live near the bottom of the tank,

What Happens After Your Aquarium Trial

When your trial period nears the end, we will make contact with you to see how much you have enjoyed the Aquarium. Once you decide to keep the Aquarium we will send you the paperwork to commence the rental.

Don’t worry, you are not locked into any long-term commitment, and if you decide later down the track that you no longer want to have it all we need is an email from you telling us you would like to cancel the agreement.

Just note though, once you have committed to the rental we require a full calendar months’ notice period before your commitment is fulfilled. If you would like the Aquarium removed before that date, we can arrange for that to happen as well.

The Aquarium range available with the AA Series

AA100 Aquarium – $220 (incl GST) Per month full service Rental

volume100 litres
height180 cm
width45 x 45 cm


AA150 Aquarium – $253 (incl GST) Per month full service Rental

volume150 litres
height180 cm
width48 x 48 cm

AA200 Aquarium – $286 (incl GST) per month full service Rental

volume200 litres
height183 cm
width51 x 51 cm