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Office Aquarium Benefits For Doctors Patients & Staff

Elevator music, magazines and fish tanks make up the trifecta of doctors office waiting rooms. But there may be something more to the fish tank in the waiting room than meets the eye. 

A recent study suggests that beholding a fish tank full of fish can actually have some positive physical and mental health benefits.

The study mentioned above utilized a large tank exhibit at the National Marine Aquarium in the southwestern part of the United Kingdom, which was being refurbished and gradually refilled with fish. Participants‘ attention spans were recorded during different parts of the restocking process to see whether there was any impact based on how many fish were present. They were also seated in front of the exhibit for five and ten minutes to track their physical and emotional responses to the exhibit. 

Of course, visiting a aquarium is a pretty positive and stress-free event to begin with. However, the fact that simply watching fish and other aquatic life swim around can lower blood pressure and heart rate even under stress is promising for other settings.

When we consider the findings from this study and other studies having an Aquarium in your Doctors office may turn out to be one of the ‘hidden secrets’ to owning a successful Doctors Business.

To highlight some of these for you we have come up with some reasons for having an Fish Aquarium in your office that you may not have thought about.

  • More relaxed patients as watching fish swim reducing anxiety
  • Happier staff, as having an aquarium in an office reduces stress
  • Higher team productivity levels from your staff as an aquarium improves morale and team togetherness
  • More business profits due to the fact that your team is happy and happy team produce at much higher levels of output
  • Aquariums also help cut the stress from a doctor’s visit, whether it’s a routine checkup or getting your braces on. And trust me from experience: it’ll help keep you sane in a Christmas Eve night ER waiting room..


Below are samples of some Aquariums on offer for your Doctors office.

Our free trial Aquarium we are offering is our unique acrylic vertical model that is sleek and modern and looks fantastic in any office space.

Look at the samples below.

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      A local doctors office that has a large aquarium says, “It keeps their clients in the waiting from calm and relaxed during waiting times

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      “We have been overwhelmingly happy with the free trial, and Penny who does our servicing is fantastic! We would love to rent.”

      “We have been overwhelmingly happy with the free trial, and Penny who does our servicing is fantastic! We would love to rent.”