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Aquarium Maintenance Service

We offer a maintenance service for people that already own their own aquarium.

There are two types of services provided, a simple casual option which is on a charge out basis and that is what we call a one off service. This one off service is charged at $148.50 for the first hour and travel time and then charged on a hourly rate or part thereof at $99 per hour. With the casual option we also charge for any goods or components used to bring the aquarium up to standard.

The second option is the ongoing service agreement which is a very comprehensive program that allows us to manage the maintenance of your aquarium fully at a fixed free pricing model for our customers so there’s no surprises With our ongoing maintenance we come out and service on a regular basis this includes water changes, cleaning the glass and facing, cleaning the components, the pipes, a gravel vac on a regular basis and a filter clean as required.

You will find it very cost effective for ongoing maintenance and its fixed fee basis which allows us to get on with the job and ensuring that the aquarium is always looking good.

The benefits is that we cover the twice monthly servicing including all the stock, food, we don’t cover any of the components required by the aquarium and it also includes a free call out service which allows the customer to be confident that the aquarium is going to be looking great all of the time and if at any stage it is not you simply call us and we come out and remedy the problem, at no additional charge

As a general guideline; we know from years of experience that an aquarium needs to be serviced at least once or twice a month and the filter cleaned every 3 months.

In regards to the which service is best for me, this comes down to how much input you want to have, some people like to do the basic services themselves, therefore the causal charge out for the service is ideal for them. With this casual service we will come in and do what we call a major service which is cleaning the filter.

Often well do a 20-30% water change and suggest another water change and gravel vacuum on the next visit. Unfortunately we can not do all of the needed tasks in one visit as it has an influence on the balance and cycling of the aquarium water and can cause ammonia spikes and damage to fish health if we try to do everything in one go.

Therefore the ongoing maintenance can be a good option as we can come in on a regular basis (twice monthly) and schedule jobs to be done over a longer period, so as not to affect the natural balance of the aquarium

We have a large number of homeowners and business clients who generally want to have their aquariums looking clean and sparkly all the time and for this particular client the ongoing service options is a good fit. Business clients generally don’t have the time to invest in maintaining their aquarium therefore the ongoing maintenance suits most businesses the best.

If you are interested in either the casual or ongoing Aquarium maintenance service please contact one of our team using the contact form below, our online chat facility or if it’s easier call us direct and they will be able to give you a quote.

If you are interested in our services above please click on our maintence service quote page