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Try An Aquarium In Your Office Free for 30 Days

See how you can improve morale, retain more customers, and experience more business success just by having an Aquarium in your office

Professional Maintained
All Aquariums are fully serviced
and maintained by our team


Beautiful Goldfish
To ensure your Aquarium looks
amazing we fully stock with beautiful


No upfront costs
We deliver and setup the Aquarium
at no costs to you


Scheduled Cleaning
Our team visit twice monthly
to ensure the Aquarium is in
stunning condition
Phone Support
Direct access to our free
1 800 phone line if
the Aquarium needs tending to


Highly Trained Technicians
All Aquariums are serviced
by our professional team to
ensure your fish and you are happy



Peace of Mind
The Aquariums can be set up to
auto feed so you have peace of mind
that the fish are feed are happy and
we are always here to help
Aquariums Are Proven To Improve The Environment They Are In

Aquariums are becoming well known for their ability to improve the environment that they are in, be it the health and well-being of staff, your customers or visitors indirectly, the ability to lower stress levels, and to with helping a business become successful.

The Benefits Of The Aquarium To Staff, Customers & Overall Business Success
The benefits of having an Aquarium range from helping improve the staff that are employed within the business, their customers, and the retention rate and as a consequence of these the overall effect these have on the business success levels.

Our Mission, To Help Businesses Succeed One Aquarium At A Time

We believe in the many benefits of Aquariums and believe that every workplace in Australia should have the same opportunity (that our customers do) to experience the Aquarium firsthand.

With this mission strongly embedded in our organisation, we would like to offer every business in Australia an Aquarium for free for 30 days (with no hidden agenda).

Choose From One Of Our Three Designs


We offer three sizes of Aquariums for you to choose from during the free trial period, the AA100, AA150 and AA200. The AA series aquariums are designed to seamlessly fit into any environment weather big or small. The hexagonal shape means they can easily fit into the corner of your office or up against a wall taking up very little room. The aquarium comes designed to fit all the equipment needed for the running of the tank to be stored inside the aquarium meaning you only see the beautiful fish display. 

The Aquariums come in three sizes and are approximately six foot tall. They occupy up to one chair space and come in 100 litres, 150 litres and 200 litres, the size that you should select is typically determined by the size of the room they are going into. Our staff will be on hand to help you choose what aquarium would be best for your workspace environment. 

All Aquariums include an Eheim classic filter, full lighting system and digital light timer, as well as Goldfish, gravel, and live plants.

The Aquarium is a calming centrepiece for our busy office!

Free Trial 


Our 30 day Free Trial allows you to experience what having an aquarium in your office is like. This is a no obligation trial which mean at the end of the 30 day trail if you choose no to proceed we will come and take the aquarium away at no cost. However if you do wish to proceed with a rental our team will send you the forms to commence.

The Free Trial allows you to experience one of our three AA series aquariums, AA100, AA150 or AA200.

Our 30 day Free Trial includes all the benefits of a rental aquarium.

Free trial includes

  • Set up/ installation of the Aquarium
  • Twice monthly servicing
  • Access to our 1800 number for any call out or inquiries.
  • Replacement plants and fish if needed
  • Fish food
  • Aquarium stocked with 8-12 goldfish dependent on size (including a bristle nose catfish to keep algae levels down).
During the Free Trial period our team will be available on our 1800 number to help you with any issues of questions you may have about the aquarium. 

Our team will also make regular contact to check in with how the aquarium is going and if there is anything you need. 

Get your Free Trial 

To receive your Free Trial fill out the contact form with your details and one of our team will be in touch. (Terms and conditions apply) 

Free trial form

Installed in 7 days

Our team are dedicated to ensuring you have an amazing experience with your Aquarium

The Aquarium has improved the office, we are more relaxed

It gives our office some colour, and has a calming effect on staff.

Totally risk-free with
no hidden costs

You won’t pay a cent for maintenance, installation or delivery for the duration of the Free Trial period.

no obligation to rent

If you don’t love your aquarium after the trial, we simply remove it at no cost to you.

Everything you need for a
vibrant aquarium

We’ll take care of everything, including delivery, installation, fish & ongoing maintenance.

“We have been overwhelmingly happy with the free trial, and Penny who does our servicing is fantastic! We would love to rent.” Carolyn

Facility Manager