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Aquarium Maintenance


We offer two maintenance options to customers who already have their own aquarium.

We recommend all aquariums have a water change and general clean (service) twice a month to keep the water quality high and your fish healthy. Filter cleaning and gravel vaxing is required on a less frequent basis (normally 3 months) at what we consider a major service.

Some of our clients want us to do it all and other clients simply love to do these normal services and only require our assistance at less frequent intervals for more major servicing. Therefore we offer Ongoing Aquarium Maintenance (as experienced by our aquarium rental clients) and Casual Aquarium Maintenance.

Ongoing Aquarium Maintenance


If you want to maintain a consistently stunning aquarium with healthy fish, our friendly service technicians can take care of EVERYTHING for you with this all-inclusive, twice-monthly servicing agreement.

This option also covers any replacement stock such as fish, plants and fish food, as well as access to our 24 hour call service.

All the of the above is included in your fixed monthly invoice, so your fish stock remain thriving and you won’t be surprised with any unwanted extra costs.


Frequency – Twice monthly, and on call as required.

Cost – based on aquarium size. Starts from just $159.50 incl GST per month. 

Stock – any replacement fish, plants, food etc. INCLUDED in monthly cost.

Casual Aquarium Maintenance


If you normally look after your own aquarium and only require infrequent assistance we provide aquarium servicing on a charge out basis.

We charge a base service fee of $148.50 (including GST) which includes travel (Metro Areas only) and 1 hours labour for servicing your aquarium. We charge any additional labour at $99 per hour (or part thereof) as required to rectify any extra issues you may have or if you own a large aquarium.

We can supply any goods you require at an additional cost.


Frequency – One-off, or booked as needed.

Cost – $148.50 for first hour, $99 per extra hour or part thereof (incl GST).

Stock – any required fish, plants, fish food etc. charged additionally.

FREE call out service for Ongoing Aquarium Maintenance customers

We include a free call out service when you choose to get your aquarium regularly serviced by us, so that you can callour 1800 number any time your aquarium needs some extra attention. We will discuss the issue and if required, have an experienced technician attend to your aquarium ASAP.

As fish are a live product, it’s only natural to occasionally experience fish illness or fatalities. That’s why customers on our Ongoing Maintenance plan get replacement fish or goods as required for NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Simply put, as long as we are looking after your aquarium it will always retain the same stock levels it had when we began our maintenance. Plus you can have peace of mind you will never pay anything more than your fixed monthly maintenance cost!

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