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When it comes to retention, team productivity, and employees staying happy then culture in your business matters.

Some innovative businesses are seeking ways to get the best in their workers by making changes to the office environment. The latest trend is introducing the office aquarium!

Here’s why you should consider an aquarium for your office!. Our customers generally find the increased productivity lower stress and increased staff morale by having an aquarium in their office.

Word is that the positive rewards are outweighing the costs. And, there may be more to that payoff than is immediately obvious.

Aquariums change the way customers experience the office.

James Stuckmeyer, an orthopedic surgeon from Kansas City, told Stafford that he’d read a few years ago that watching fish swim can lower blood pressure. He’s had aquariums in the office ever since.

“I do independent medical evaluations,” Stuckmeyer told Stafford, “and the people involved in work injury and work compensation cases have generally had their lives turned upside down. They may be in bad shape financially or physically, and I didn’t want them to see a sterile doctor’s office.”

Aquariums also help employees stay calm and relaxed and reports state that they also might boost productivity over the long term.

Our ability to focus improves when we reduce our stress, and this ultimately makes us more productive in the office. All of these are sure to add to the bottom line.

The Aquarium impact on the company culture

Sometimes the little things have a impact on us and according to fans of this aquatic trend, another benefit to these aquariums is how they affect office culture. Being a beautiful space can improve our mood, especially when nature is involved. This is part of the reason why we have plants in our offices. An improved work atmosphere could lead to smoother collaboration or even increased employee retention, productivity and revenue for the business.

Seeing all those fish together in harmony might also provide a model for work teams to follow in terms of collaboration.

Each tank is a community,” Jason Gray, a worker at Service Management Group in Kansas City who takes on some care responsibilities for the aquariums in his office told Stafford,”…as long as the right fish are introduced.

Did you know: You can have an office Aquarium starting at just $220 per month incl GST


We are passionate about creating beautiful and inspiring aquascapes for Healthy Fish so much so that we believe every work place deserves to trial one of our amazing Aquariums in their office absolutely free of charge for 30 days!

So here is how it works in 5 simple steps:

  1. Imagine what a beautiful aquarium will look like in your office or facility and select from one of the 3 sizes pictured below.
  2. Fill in the form  and our team will email you a confirmation it is absolutely free for 30 days
  3. Our technician will call you to arrange a time and date to install your aquarium,normally installed within 7 days
  4. We return with an arrangement of beautful fish for your aquarium 2-4 days later
  5. We keep visiting you and the fish every 15 days to ensure the fish are happy and healthy

You will be inspired with what benefits an aquarium can offer your place of work and you will be delighted with the feedback from your customers and staff.

At the End of the free trial we call you to see if you wish to keep your fish and continue renting the aquarium.

It is all that simple. Take a look here at our stunning office Aquariums on offer